Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Small Press Panel at Fantasycon

I was pleased to be invited to be one of the participants alongside Ian Whates, Francesca Barbini, Donna Scott, Steven Poore, and Peter Mark May. on the Small Press Panel at Fantasycon this Sunday. It was a well attended event, with some lively and, in my view at least, very useful discussions. One result, at least, was for one writer to approach me afterwards with a view to taking a look at her collection of stories to see if I would be interested in publishing it. More information on this later.

I also had lengthy discussions at the convention which might result in Parallel Universe Publications taking an important and potentially very productive move in publishing a new line of publications, different to anything we have brought out so far, partly as a result of the work we did in publishing The Fantastical Art of Jim Pitts, a book that has impressed a lot of people!

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