Monday 13 February 2017

Shades: Dark Tales of Supernatural Horror reviewed on The Haunted Reading Room

Shades: Dark Tales of Supernatural Horror, published by Parallel Universe Publications, received a great five-out-of-five review on The Haunted Reading Room website.
" An exceptional short story collection, SHADES showcases author Joseph Rubas' strong literary talent and extensive imagination. For me, it also served as an introduction to Mr. Rubas' writing, and an invitation to extend my interest in his work. I was impressed by the consistency of the high quality of this collection.

The collection is subtitled "Dark Tales of Supernatural Horror" and well demonstrates its truth. All are frightening; some are terrifying. Starting with the initial offering, each story impacted me even while I reveled in the writing, plots, and characters [who too often give up common sense and suffer accordingly]. am unashamed to admit that after several of the stories I had to pause and take deep breaths and wait for the impact of the story to settle. I predict nightmares, and tales that will take root in the imagination and linger long-term."

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