Saturday 14 January 2017

New cover for Their Cramped Dark World by Luke Spooner

In 2015 my third collection of short stories, Their Cramped Dark World and Other Tales, was published by Hazardous Press, with a brilliant cover by British artist Luke Spooner. Unfortunately, Hazardous Press and I fell out shortly after and both this and its predecessor collection, His Own Mad Demons, were withdrawn from publication. Having not long before revived my own small press imprint, Parallel Universe Publications, I decided to reprint both collections myself with brand new covers, though I was never wholly satisfied with the replacement for Luke Spooner's. I recently got in touch with Luke and I am pleased to reveal that he immediately sent me an updated version of the original cover which I can substitute for the one I used. The new paperback will be available to order within the next couple of weeks. Below is what the new cover looks like.

Cover Art: Luke Spooner
The old cover

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