Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Kate Farrell's And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After published today as paperback and ebook

And Nobody Lived Happily Ever After is now available in paperback and kindle ebook.

Some of Kate's stories have appeared in the Black Books of Horror, Kitchen Sink Gothic, The Screaming Book of Horror and Terror Tales of the Seaside.

The stories in this collection are:
Mea Culpa
Helping Mummy
A Murder of Crows
No Junk Mail
All in a Row
Dad Dancing
The Way and the Truth and the Life
My Name is Mary Sutherland
The Efficient Use of Reason
How I Got Here
His Family
The Sands are Magic
Once Upon the End
A. Reeves Tale
Las Cosas Que Hacemos por El Amor
Peacock Blue Dress
Alma Mater

trade paperback:
Amazon.co.uk £8.00
Amazon.com   $10.00

amazon.co.uk   £1.99
amazon.com     $3.05

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