Tuesday 13 October 2015

A great 5-star review for Black Ceremonies on Amazon


"You may recognise the name Charles Black and wonder where you've seen it before? If you're a fan of horror, and in particular the horror anthology, then you'll quickly realise that Charles Black is the editor of that wonderful and long running Black Book of Horror series, now in its 11th edition.

Never mind that Mr Black manages to attract some of the best writing talent available in the horror genre for his acclaimed anthologies ( number 11 seems to have reached new heights in its ghoulish excellence! ), but this highly talented editor is also a clever master of writing a great horror story as well!

Black Ceremonies is a wonderful collection of his own, self-penned tales...13 in all, with stories that will haunt and thoroughly unsettle you. From The Obsession of Percival Cairstairs to The Stromboli Collection, each tale has been crafted by a master in the field of terror.

So, to sum up, not only has Mr Charles Black created the greatest horror anthology since those magnificent Pan Books of Horror with his Black Books of Horror, but it transpires that he also a very talented author as well?

Buy this collection now. ....but don't plan on getting much sleep if you read the tales at bedtime"

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