Sunday 30 August 2015

Kitchen Sink Gothic on the Vault of Evil

Demonik, the host of the Vault of Evil, has now started a second review of Kitchen Sink Gothic after Franklin Marsh's.

Aug 27, 2015 at 6:20pm

Post by demonik on Aug 27, 2015 at 6:20pm

The front cover has been posted several times, so here's the back.

"My formative reading in weird fiction ... came from middle-class Americans or from upper middle-class British writers. I always felt there was a place for working class horror fiction where characters were more than merely comic constructs." - David A. Riley.

So far, so good.

Stephen Bacon - Mr. Giggles: How better to get the book under-way than with the story of Dean Duffy, whose life has been fucked ever since his father took to molesting him as a child, utilizing a button-eyed glove puppet with a bell on its hat as unlikely sex-aid? The boss gives Dean compassionate leave to visit his mother in hospital, but as he's never forgiven her for turning a blind eye to his torment, the death-bed reunion is a mutual torture. Back to the old place - "It hasn't been my room for twenty years. Just another shrine to my wrecked life" - to dispose of the dead woman's accumulated clutter on a bonfire. Why on earth did she keep "Mr. Giggles"? Will burning the thing set him free?

If you like your escapism unbearable, you've come to the right place.

Next up, a case of kitchen sink demonic possession.

Franklin Marsh - 1964: Parka-clad scooter boys and greasy rockers clash on the railway platform at Brighton. Gerry, who isn't cut out for this stuff and only running with the Mods to fit in, throws a bottle to save Derek the face from a knifing. A direct hit! His victim falls beneath the wheels of an oncoming train.

Back in London, the gang head their separate ways. Gerry gets Mona pregnant. He's frog-marched down the aisle by both sets of parents but Mona's an OK girl and he's prepared to make a go of it. Gez just wishes he could shake the vision of the dead greaser's face from his mind. But his worst nightmares concern impending baby ...

If it carries on like this, KSG and me are going to get along famously.

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