Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Royalties on His Own Mad Demons

I was nicely surprised to receive my latest royalty payment for His Own Mad Demons: Dark Tales from David A. Riley, which was published by Hazardous Press in 2012. It sold even better in its second year than its first.

His Own Mad Demons includes:

The Worst of All Possible Places
Lock In
Their Own Mad Demons
The Fragile Mask on his Face
The True Spirit

These were previously published in Houses on the Borderland edited by David A. Sutton for the BFS, The Black Book of Horror and the Fifth Black Book of Horror edited by Charles Black, Dark Discoveries #15 edited by James Beach, and Back from the Dead edited by Johnny Mains.

The 170-page paperback can be ordered via and  In the US it's $8.09 (with free shipping available) and £5.49 in the UK (again with free shipping available).

The kindle ebook versions are also available: and

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