Tuesday 11 February 2014

Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Big Bang Theory

Spoiler Alert for the very small number of people who may still have not watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. After watching The Big Bang Theory and Amy Farrah Fowler's criticism of Raiders that, for all Indiana Jones' actions in the film, he didn't alter the outcome one bit, that if he hadn't been there the Nazis would still have ended up on the island with the Ark and what happened to them would have just been the same, that he made no difference to the outcome whatsoever, I decided to give it a watch as it was quite some time since I last saw it. And, damn it, she was right! Not only that, but aren't some of the things in it just plain daft, even for a fantasy adventure movie - such as the technology that enabled whoever built the temple at the start of the film to build traps that would send out deadly arrows or bolts at whoever crossed a beam of light! Light sensitive traps! Still an enjoyable romp, mind, even after all these years - and far, far better than the Crystal Skull fiasco.

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