Sunday, 19 January 2014

Nunkie Audio Presents

I first watched Robert Lloyd Parry at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton in 2013 when he did two one man performances of M. R. James' ghost stories to a packed audience late one night in the convention hotel. Never have I seen James' stories brought to life more effectively nor as dramatically. It was absolutely superb and there wasn't a single member of the audience who didn't enjoy it enthusiastically.

So, when I discovered, that Robert Lloyd Parry, under his Nunkie Audio imprint, has audio versions of his performances available, I couldn't wait to get hold of some.

The first I ordered are Curious Creatures: The Shorter Horror of M. R. James and Two Strange Tales by Lucy M. Boston. Curious Creatures includes A Livermere Poem, A School Story, A Night in King's College, The Malice of Inanimate Objects, There Was a Man Dwelt by a Churchyard, After Dark in the Playing Fields, Stories I Have Tried to Write, Rats, and A Vignette. These come on two CDs. Two Strange Tales by Lucy M. Boston includes The Tiger-Skin Rug and Curfew. Lucy M. Boston (1892-1990) was the author of the acclaimed Green Knowe novels for children.

The quality of these CDs is absolutely top notch. As is Robert Lloyd Parry's performance, bringing the written word to life as I have rarely heard it before. Even if you are completely familiar with any or all of these stories, I can guarantee they will sound fresh again as you probably thought they never would. Parry's performance, the way he uses his voice, not only creates an intense atmosphere, he also adds or highlights with impeccable skill any hints of humour in the tales without at all diminishing the impact of their climax. Stunning.

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