Tuesday, 24 December 2013


I don't take much notice of awards these days. Although I'm a member of the HWA I don't even bother to list any of my stories, etc on the dedicated area of the HWA's members' forum where members can make available pdfs etc and where they're literally asking for people to take a look at and maybe recommend their stuff for a Stoker.

So it irks me when someone who has already won an award elsewhere should ask me to recommend their stuff for a Stoker because they feel they "need to raise" their profile, at the same time letting slip they have already asked someone else to do likewise for them.

Perhaps because I rarely say anything about awards or make a big fuss about them I have rarely been approached by people like this, though I have heard that others have been pestered quite a bit. All it results in, to be honest, is to make me feel even more cynical about them. It certainly doesn't make me feel more inclined to recommend a certain person's books.

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