Monday 14 October 2013

Komodo vs Cobra

Watched this over the weekend on DVD. Not my usual fare, but it sounded interesting enough in a bizarre way to justify a viewing.

CGI does help low budget films like this. Years ago, what we had here would have even looked impressive. At least the monsters could be seen moving with a semblance of realism on the same screen as the human characters. By today's standards, though, it does fail woefully, especially when the creatures scoop up their victims. That did look hilariously unrealistic, especially as their victims simply disappeared in the blink of an eye.

What really made this film fail, though, was the terrible casting, the worse acting and the simplistic, cliched dialogue. Not to mention  pistols that could fire countless rounds without ever needing to be reloaded (and I'm talking of well over 50 shots at a time) - or to offer any sort of recoil in the hands of those firing them! Less realistic gunfire I have never seen in my life.

Was it bad enough to be good?

Well, apart from a few laughs at the ineptitude of some of the really awful acting, I would have to say no, most definitely no. It's not only bad but dumb.

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