Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dark Visions from Grey Matter Press

For details of the two volumes of Dark Visions from Grey Matter Press please click on the link.

Dark Visions 1 - Contributing Authors:

The Troll - Jonathan Balog
Collage - Jay Caselberg
Delicate Spaces - Brian Fatah Steele
What Do You Need? - Milo James Fowler
Second Opinion - Ray Garton
The Weight of Paradise - Jeff Hemenway
Three Minutes - Sarah L. Johnson
Raining Stones - Sean Logan
Mister Pockets: A Pine Deep Story - Jonathan Maberry
Thanatos Park - Charles Austin Muir
The Last Ice Cream Kiss - Jason S. Ridler
Scrap - David A. Riley
Show Me - John F.D. Taff

Here's another short extract from my story, Scrap, from volume 1:

"It was barely dawn when the boys were wrenched awake by hysterical screams from their mother’s bedroom.

His heart thumping, Gary threw aside his duvet and leapt out of bed, bare feet skidding on the thin carpet. The door into their mother’s room was already open. In it, lit by a single bedside lamp, he could see his mother. She was sat up in bed, hands clamped to the sides of her head as she screamed and screamed. Other than this she seemed unable to move. Her eyes were transfixed on the other side of the bed. Bumping into each other in confusion, the brothers jammed the doorway. Karl’s side of the bed was dark and wet. There was a narrow lump where he lay beneath the duvet."

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