Wednesday 17 July 2013

Dark Discoveries No 23, Spring 2013

Dark Discoveries issue 23, Spring 2013

This is the biggest issue yet, with over 100 A4 pages, most in colour. It’s a special dark fantasy issue, with related articles on Game of Thrones, Robert E. Howard, Dark Horse Comics, Karl Edward Wagner, Sword & Sorcery films, and an interview with Boris Vallejo, one of the most iconic fantasy artists. It also includes a Solomon Kane story started by Robert E. Howard and finished by Ramsey Campbell. The dark fantasy continues with a sword and sorcery story from Angeline Hawkes. The remaining four stories range from urban fantasy to out and out horror: Like Part of the Family by Jonathan Maberry, The Catastrophist by Weston Ochse, The Woman Who Collected McMannon by Joe McKinney, and The Sleeping Ute by Steve Rasnic Tem. Not a poor story amongst them, and a couple that are quite simply outstanding.

Other features include tributes to the late David B. Silva, who died recently, “Why I Hate Women Writers” by Yvonne Navarro, an interview with Jonathan Maberry, and the usual book reviews. 

As well as being the biggest issue yet there is without doubt a lot of meat in it, and even with a large part given over to dark fantasy there is enough variety to suit most tastes. Dark Discoveries had already been going from strength to strength under the able skills of James R. Beach. Since being taken over by JournalStone, with Beach at the helm as Editor-in-Chief, it has become even better. It is a lively, uptodate and fascinating magazine.

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