Tuesday 21 May 2013

Cancer Charity Anthology The Unspoken edited by William Meikle

This charity anthology is available now via kindle for £2.88 at Amazon.co.uk and at Amazon.com

Contents are:

Ramsey Campbell – Introduction
Tim Lebbon – Just Breathe
Simon Kurt Unsworth – Photographs of Boden
Steven Savile & Steve Lockley – The Last Gift
John Shirley – Where the Market’s Hottest
Anna Taborska – Underbelly
Stephen James Price – Pages of Promises
Scott Nicholson – Heal Thyself
Stephen Laws – Harbinger
William Meikle – The Unfinished Basement
Nancy Kilpatrick – Alien Love
David A. Riley – A Girl, a Toad and a Cask
Barbie Wilde – Polyp
Johnny Mains – The Cure
Guy N Smith – The Big One
Pete Crowther – Cankerman
Steve Duffy – X for Henrietta
Gary McMahon – Bitter Soup
Edited by William Meikle
Cover art by Simon Marshall Jones

The book is being published by Karoshi Books, first as an ebook, followed by a POD paperback. All profits go to The Beatson Cancer Research Institute.

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