Sunday 3 February 2013

The Satyr's Head - review comments

I came across a review for The Mammoth Book of Terror edited by Stephen Jones, which included my story The Satyr's Head, recently reprinted by Dave Sutton in The Satyr's Head: Tales of Terror.

I particularly liked: "It’s perverted and repulsive, taboo breaking and hard to read at times, and must have been at the cutting edge of ‘70s horror fiction, because it still packs a punch even now."


  1. Lovely Patrick Woodroffe cover too. What a wickedly malevolent leer!

  2. I agree. Although Steve Upham did a great job on the cover for the anthology's reissue by Shadow Publishing, Woodroffe's version captured the awful evil of the incubus to perfection.

  3. I just read it. Great story.