Thursday 4 October 2012

Horror: Under the Tombstone

Just learned that Dave Sutton has decided to merge all the stories from volumes 1 and 2 of New Writings in Horror& the Supernatural into one bumper edition, titled Horror: Under the Tombstone, published by Shadow Publishing.

I'll have two stories in this: The Farmhouse and A Bottle of Spirits.

The full list of contents will be:

Under the Tombstone by Ken Bulmer
The Inglorious Rise of the Catsmeat Man by Robin Smyth
The Farmhouse by David A. Riley
The People Down Below by Julia Birley
Phantasmagoria by W. T. Webb
Goat by David Campton
Prison by Bryn Fortey
The Winner by E. C. Tubb
The Time of Waiting by Richard Davis
The Hollow Where by Michael G. Coney
Mr. Nobody by R. W. Mackleworth
Charley's Chair by David Rome
Broadcast by Ramsey Campbell
A Bottle of Spirits by David A. Riley
Television Wife by W. T. Webb
The Darkness by Robert P. Holdstock
Grooley by James Wade
Shrewhampton North-East by Bryn Fortey
Demoniacal by David A. Sutton
Infra-Man by Roger Parkes
The Ghosts in the Garden by Rosemary Timperley
Marianne's Boy by Elizabeth Fancett
The Other House by Ramsey Campbell

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