Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Best Horror Stories of Karl Edward Wagner

I have just ordered the two-volume set, Best Horror Stories of Karl Edward Wagner: Where the Summer Ends, Volume 1; and Walk on the Wild Side, Volume 2, published by Centipede Press.

These should arrive early next week according to Amazon.

Karl was one of the best horror writers ever, though his Kane stories are some of the most outstanding novels in the annals of heroic fantasy fiction.

Volume 2 of Best Horror contains a special story for me. Gremlins was originally published in the first issue of  Beyond, which my wife and I edited in 1995. Karl was the first writer I wrote to for a story for the magazine and the one I was more eager than any other to have in it. My hope was that he would become a regular contributor. That wasn't to be. Plans for Beyond were started in 1994, which was when Karl mailed the story to me. I met him later that year at Fantasycon where we talked about the magazine, which was scheduled to be published the following year. Sadly, less than a month after meeting him Karl died. Gremlin appeared in our first issue, which we dedicated to him.

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