Wednesday 11 April 2012

Thai Ghost Movies - The Ghost of Mae Nak

Having made a start of watching Thai ghost/horror movies, last night we took a stab at The Ghost of Mae Nak. I'm glad that I watched Nang Nak first as this was a sequel set in modern times. Its plot was much more complicated than the earlier film and, moving from the rural setting of Nang Nak, this is based in present day Bangkok. It's a much more violent movie, with influences from sources such as The Omen in a series of bizarre deaths that befall those who fall foul of the ghost. One man, a thief, mirroring the famous sheet of glass decapitation scene in the Omen films, is diced not by one but by two sheets in a spectacularly gruesome comeuppance. The scenes of Bangkok itself are fascinating, especially in its backstreets and older areas, that contrast so vividly with its ultra modern skyscrapers. As in all the Thai movies I've seen recently the photography is superb. Unlike Nang Nak, the chief focus of this film is on the horror and violence, and I must admit I prefer the earlier film. Nor is the ghost as chilling as in Shutter, where it's seen less but more effectively. Still, a well done horror film with quite some meat to its bones.

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