Saturday 3 March 2012

The Unspoken

It looks like The Unspoken, a charity anthology in aid of cancer research, edited by Willie Meakle, has been dropped at the last minute by Dark Continent Publishing because of "internal changes" and because "they have overextended themselves."  Though this is devastating news at this stage, Willie is determined to find a new publisher. Good luck to him!

That this has happened is a great shame as Willie has assembled a great lineup, which includes:

Ramsey Campbell - Introduction
Tim Lebbon - Just Breathe
Simon Kurt Unsworth - Photographs of Boden
Steven Savile & Steve Lockley - The Last Gift
John Shirley - Where the Market's Hottest
Stephen James Price - Pages of Promises
Stephen Volk - Bless
Scott Nicholson - Heal Thyself
William Meikle - Metastasis
Nancy Kilpatrick - Alien Love
David A. Riley - A Girl, a Toad and a Cask
Allyson Bird - Oyster Pink
Johnny Mains - The Cure
Guy N Smith - The Big One
Pete Crowther - Cankerman
Steve Duffy - X for Henrietta
Gary McMahon - Bitter Soup

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