Friday 22 July 2011


Nearly got caught out last night. I'd forgotten or missed seeing his earlier email, but David Howe, chairman of the BFS, reminded me that he needed all the material for the next Prism by the end of this month. I thought I had at least another week or so longer than that.

Still, everything seems to be in hand and this shouldn't be a problem.

I wrote back to David to let him know that this will probably be my last Prism as editor as, after two years, I wish to stand down, at least when someone else can be found to take my place, which shouldn't take long. As any regular readers of this blog will know I wasn't happy at combining Prism in with Dark Horizons and New Horizons to form the new BFS Journal. I enjoyed and found doing the layout for Prism extremely satisfying and have missed, ever since the new Journal started, that this creative side of the magazine is no longer in my hands. It has taken a lot of the interest and enjoyment in producing it away from me. The changes may have meant a lot less work, but I'm now little more than a middle man collecting together the regular features and all the reviews sent in by the review editors.

Don't get me wrong. The new BFS Journal has proven to be a magnificent publication and certainly does the society proud. But, from my position as Prism's editor, I feel my job has shrunk to insignificance, certainly compared to what it was, when I controlled the look of the publication and its printing.

Anyway, two years is perhaps a fair innings for the job, and I'm sure someone else will be only too glad to take it on. And good luck to them. I'm sure, whoever it is, will do a fine job.

For me it's time to concentrate on other things, especially writing. And maybe even a review or two.


  1. Sorry to see you go David. You've done a great job, especially in promoting the horrer content. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Thanks, Colin. That's appreciated.

    I was pleased to give horror a greater prominence in Prism. I felt that before it was swamped by fantasy, SF, graphic novels, comics, etc, etc.

    I expect that will happen again, though I hope not.