Monday 11 April 2011

The Long List - the British Fantasy Awards

The long list of recommendations for the British Fantasy Awards has just been issued.

Pleased to see that Back from the Dead, the Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories made it.

Plus the Sixth and Seventh Black Books of Horror


  1. I see lots of people excitedly commenting that they made the long list, but doesn't it only take one vote to get on the long list?

  2. Which if true is quite sad I guess that I couldn't even get one vote. lol

  3. I agree. It always surprises me why so many people get over-excited at reaching a list that only needs one solitary recommendation to get on it. That's a long, long way to winning anything. Although it does mean it's in with a chance, however slim!

    Other than that, I'm with you, Shaun. Despite some favourable reviews, none of my stories this time got even this far. :(

  4. Sadly I don't recall reading anything of yours last year, David. Otherwise I'm sure I would have voted for it!

  5. Shame on you, Mr Jeffreys. Ha ha.

    I see that Chris Barker has pulled his story, The Melancholy Haunting of Nicholas Parkes from the running. Shame, as I would have voted for it. But I understand his reasoning. He hasn't any time for these awards himself and is sticking to his guns.