Wednesday 12 January 2011

Kicking the Flu Bug

Still suffering a bit, though I have continued to go to work for the past week. And went to last night's rehearsal for The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. Thankfully the room where we do that was a lot warmer than last Thursday! We did the whole of Act 1, which is more or less me done, as I am only in one scene with my main character, Fleet, who gets murdered off stage shortly afterwards. I got a small additional part last night as body guard number one for Arturo Ui, but all I had to do was stand behind him with my arms folded after introducing the Actor character with the one line: "It's an actor, boss. Unarmed."

Need to get stuck into some more writing. Haven't done anything since Christmas. Must also look into what's happening with my long delayed collection from Midnight House, which seems no nearer being published, especially since the Midnight House site has been down for months now.

Currently reading Lee Child's thriller 61 Hours. I have a soft spot for his Jack Reacher novels.

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  1. I had been wondering if they'd folded by now, a shame that such a legacy has been fading into a subaudible whisper these past years.

    And, of course, as soon as I find out they have a website, it's been down for months prior.... Guess I'll just have to keep going by secondhand (dis)information.

    Hope it gets published in the end...