Friday 17 December 2010

Dexter - Series 5

I've now watched the final episode of the fifth series of Dexter - and what a brilliant finale it was!

I can't believe how the writers and everyone else involved with this series has managed to maintain such a high standard. Series four was great enough, with the Trinity Killer and John Lithgo, and had a final episode that left more than just me in stunned silence. I knew nothing could ever quite equal this, but the final episode of the fifth series certainly had enough twists and turns and never let the viewer down in any way with high tension, drama, poignancy, sadness and, oddly enough, a feel good factor too - not something you would necessarily expect from a series about a serial killer!

It is still one of the best series ever on TV and head and shoulders above anything British TV has produced for a long time, in my opinion at least.

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