Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I'm to be a Granddad

My daughter Cassandra and her husband Alan called round last night to give us the good news that they are to have a baby in February next year. They waited till they got their latest scan, verifying that everything was going fine, before telling anyone, just in case. Linden already suspected this several weeks ago, though. There's no fooling her!

This is going to be a busy time for Cassie, as she opens her new drama school, ReAct, at Oswaldtwistle Civic Theatre in September. Alan, who is a sound engineer, has only just returned from doing a job in Albania. He gets around quite a bit and has recently been off to Greece and Spain as well as this most backward of all the Balkan states.

Anyway, my wife is delighted. It's been something she's been after for ages.


  1. Congratulations. This one you can send home once you've had enough :)

  2. Many thanks, Shaun. That's the beauty of grandchildren, I believe. You get all the best bits, without any of the bad (or less than best!)
    Anyway, I leant Cassie a DVD to watch on her return home last night. True to form, she took Zombieland - and enjoyed it thoroughly. A chip off the old block.

  3. Congratulations David, Linden and, of course, Cassandra and Alan.

    hope all goes well


  4. Thanks, Kev. That's much appreciated.