Sunday, 29 August 2010

Autumn - new British zombie movie

Just watched a DVD of the British zombie horror film Autumn, starring Dexter Fletcher and guest starring David Carradine.

This is a very gritty, slow-moving but, in many respects, more realistic development of the zombie trope. For the most part it only has a small cast of characters, and they behave in the kind of way in which I imagine most of us would react to that kind of catastrophic situation. I also like how the reanimated dead gradually become more motivated, more able to act, more violent and dangerous as their bodies decay. Like most zombie movies there isn't much of a glimmer of hope in it - just a bit, I suppose. The merest bit. And even that's a bit ambiguous. But what would you expect in a world reduced to a handful of the living and billions of the reanimated dead?

Anyway, that was my Sunday morning movie of the week. 

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