Thursday 22 July 2010

I write like all of these people...

Cory Doctorow, David Foster Wallace, William Gibson and Stephen King!

Well, that's according to this little online test.

It's good fun and could make an amusing party game (at a party for just writers of course since anyone else would be bored silly).

Anyway, I'm just relieved it didn't say I wrote like Nicholas Pacione (and if you've never seen his writing you've never lived!) Hmmm, I wonder what his answer would be. Possibly William Burroughs during his cut and paste period?


  1. Fascinating David. I write like Arthur C Clark according to the test and that was a horror story! Not believing this I tried another and apparently its Robert Louis Stevenson. Stupidly I didn't rest there and tried another - Raymond Chandler. Very interesting. I'd take any of these.

  2. I believe when someone tried out some text of Stephen King it came out as Lovecraft.