Thursday, 1 July 2010

House in Bulgaria

A few people know Linden and I have a house in Bulgaria in the village of Kozma Prezviter, not far from the town of Targovishte. It is a beautiful area, close to the main Sophia-Varna highway and at the end of of the Prezviter Mountain Range, deep in the countryside. We bought it five years ago and have spent a few pounds on having work done on it. Our aim is one day to be able to spend 6 months there and 6 months in the UK.

We both wish we could spend more time there now as we love it - and get on well with our brilliant neighbours. At the end of August we'll be driving there again, taking still more things in our car (last time it was mainly carpet tiles!) The trip is part of our enjoyment. The last time we drove there we stayed overnight in Belgium, Austria, Hungary and Romania, and the same on our return, except we stayed in Germany rather than Austria. All the hotels were brilliant (other than those in Belgium, which we'll try and avoid this time). Our Romanian hotel was on the banks of the Danube, with a view of Serbia on the far side.

One of the items we're taking with us this time is an astronomical telescope which our son bought us at Christmas. He stayed with us on our last trip to Bulgaria and was impressed how clear the stars were at night (its almost pitch black in the countryside apart from a few streetlights), and especially from our top balcony. We're looking forward to doing a bit of stargazing, in between sampling a few bottles of the very cheap (but very good) local wine!

A picture of our house from the edge of the forest across the road.

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