Thursday 29 July 2010

At the Mountains of Madness

It looks as if the long-awaited film of H. P. Lovecraft's classic At the Mountains of Madness may actually at last come into production with both Del Toro and James Cameron involved. See this link.

Love the image used in the article:


  1. Great news. Del Toro announced this an age ago, and I've been hoping it would be next on his list now that he's left The Hobbit.

    Not so sure about James Cameron getting involved, though. I worry he'll insist on 3D being foisted upon it.

    As an aside, the comments thread for that article are very depressing. They seem to have descended into a 'my director is better than your director' tit for tat within the space of two comments...

  2. The 3D aspect worries me too. It looks okay for stuff like Shreck, but not for live action. It certainly didn't improve Clash of the Titans - though nothing could really have helped that, I suppose. It's a gimmick that I could gladly live without.