Tuesday, 8 June 2010

E-Books - update

I've had a couple of e-books on FifoBooks for three days now, (The Worst of All Possible Places and Sendings) with a new one (Their Own Mad Demons) uploaded last night.

So far there have been 6 downloads, all for The Worst of All Possible Places. No interest yet in Sendings, which is the only one to be paid for ($1.99). Still, it's early days and, hopefully, the two free downloads might encourage someone to chance $1.99 on the novel.

 Whatever happens, I'll publish the information here.


  1. Well you've got one sale now. Not sure I like the sites payment structure though: "If your proceeds from sales for a given month are less than $200 U.S. dollars, we will withhold payment until you accumulate more than $200 U.S. dollars." This means that you could earn money up to but less than $200 but never see the money if no one else buys a copy to take it over the $200 :/

  2. I'd be surprised if my sales on FifoBooks ever reach $200. If it does it'll pay for a weekend treat if nothing else. Mind you, I don't mind waiting till it builds up, bank charges for cashing overseas cheques being what they are.