Friday 11 June 2010


Watched this on DVD last night. It was slick, entertaining and done well enough, but I did get a sense of having been there and done that. Is the whole vampire trope getting played out at last at the cinema? It still seems pretty popular, but it is starting to look like a well rehearsed dance. You can see the moves coming.

Still, with the likes of Sam Neill, you can't go far wrong - and his face is perfect for a sinister vampire of the old school. Even so, at times it reminded me of a zombie movie, especially the mass vampire attacks and one particular person's demise. Some neat touches with the cars that vampires can drive during the day, protected against the killing rays of the sun. And the way they died was spectacular enough - though I am getting a little bit tired of seeing exploding vampires. What are they filled with? TNT? A good old disintegration into decaying flesh, bones and dust would be nice to see now and again instead of these pyrotechnics.

The things that so many vampire films lack today are any sense of mystery and dread and of something supernaturally evil. And don't get me started on romantic vampires!

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