Sunday, 4 April 2010

Kick Ass

Went with my son, Dharamn, on Friday to watch Kick Ass at the local cinema. My wife didn't fancy this - I think the first Hulk movie put her off superhero films - but we had already seen the trailer for Kick Ass when we went to see the disappointing The Wolfman a few weeks ago.

I was half dreading the trailer contained every single good bit from the film but, thankfully, I was wrong. Dead wrong. Kick Ass is one of the funniest, most violent and action-packed superhero spoofs I've ever seen - and a highly entertaining film in its own right. Chloe Moretz as the twelve-year old Hit Girl steals the film, of course. She is truly amazing. And, controversial though some of the language she uses has been, in the context of the movie this made me laugh out loud. Which isn't to say the rest of the cast aren't good too. They are. Including Nicholas Cage as the Batman fixated Big Daddy. Some neat twists in the plot too, which never seems to falter, escalating ever more into further extremes of violence and action. Highly recommended. And one of the few new films I've seen recently I would actually look forward to getting on DVD.

And for anyone who still hasn't seen anything of Kick Ass, here's a trailer on Youtube:

Kick Ass

Liked what we saw of the new Ironman movie on the trailers too.

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