Saturday 10 April 2010

The Horror Fiction of Mary Danby

The energetic Johnny Mains, not satisfied with bringing out the excellent anthology commemorating The Pan Books of Horror, Back from the Dead, now has plans to bring out a collection of the best horror stories by Mary Danby, former editor of The Fontana Books of Great Horror Stories.

Scheduled for publication next year, the collection will include:
Party Pieces
The Engelmayer Puppets
Lorimer’s Bride
Arbor Day
Woodman’s Knot
The Rocking Horse Room
A View of the Sea
The Secret Ones
True Love
The Ghost Writer
Keeping In Touch
The Last Earl
The Haunters
Time after Time
The Vackie
Quid Pro Quo
Harvest Home
The Grey Lady
The Natterjack
Lady Sybil or The Phantom of Black Gables
Nursery Tea
The House Ghosts
The Red Miller
Mr Jones
The Witness
Old Wiggie

Mary Danby: A Biography - by Johnny Mains


  1. Where can I get this book, as it is not listed on Amazon?

  2. It's not out yet but I'll be posting details on my blog when it is. Also check out this site:

    Or click on the link provided on my blog for Noose & Gibbet Publishing.

  3. As I know this picture wasn't used on the original cover book ,Why did you put here ? What is the point this is not the original picture of the book

  4. This was the proposed cover at the time this blog entry was made. Please note the date of the entry. I am not in the habit of going back over old blog entries, updating them whenever there is a change.

  5. I just want to know why is different was it because of different publishing book companies or what I want to know the exact questin I've been looking and looking with months why the cover book is different ,why there are two types of covers for this book
    Thanks in advance

  6. It was different because after discussion the publisher had other ideas of what the cover should be. Covers do go through a process of development. With this, it was later decided to go for something totally different, which it was felt was better than the cover originally proposed.

  7. Please check this later entry: