Novel - Moloch's Children

Originally titled Sendings, this was being serialised in Rog Pile's magazine Filthy Creations.

Unfortunately, the magazine ceased to appear after only two installments of Sendings had been published, so I have now decided to publish it under the Parallel Universe Publications imprint, renamed Moloch's Children

Kevin Demant (demonik) has published a serialised review of my horror novel, Moloch's Children, on the Vault of Evil website: "I greatly enjoyed the Grudge End novel, The Return but Moloch's Children is, if anything, more of a Vault Mk I novel. Despite the mid-nineties setting this is very much a 'sixties "Good versus Evil" throwback, generous with the horrors (supernatural or otherwise) and capture-escape cliffhangers, although Dennis Wheatley would sooner have joined the Transport & General Workers Union than conclude one of his black novels on so pessimistic a note. Bad things happen to essentially sympathetic people in Riley books, and, as Professor Krakowsky ultimately discovers, sometimes the only choice comes down to the lesser of two terrible evils."…/david-riley-molochs-chil…

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